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Navajo Fabrics' Military Specification offerings include, but are not limited to, the following fabrics in various camouflage patterns (including custom patterns), solid shades, and water repellant:

Specification Fabric End Use, Patterns, Shades
MIL-C-3924 Cotton Warp Filament Nylon Filled Oxford
Quarpel Treated
Field Coat Lining and Cap
MIL-C-43191 50/50 Nylon / Cotton Sateen Quarpel Treated M65 Field Coat
MIL-C-43468 100% Cotton Ripstop Hot Weather Battle Dress Uniform
MIL-DTL-32439 Duck, Textured Nylon, 500 & 1000 Denier Duffel Bags, Field Packs, Fragmentation Protected and Load Bearing Vests
MIL-C-44031 50/50 Nylon / Cotton Twill Woodland, Digital Woodland
MIL-C-44034 50/50 Nylon / Cotton Twill 3-Color Desert, Digital Desert
MIL-C-44436 50/50 Nylon / Cotton Ripstop Woodland, Digital Woodland, 3-Color Desert, Digital Desert
MIL-DTL-44436 50/50 Nylon / Cotton Ripstop Universal, OCP Scorpion
MIL-PRF-MCCUU 50/50 Nylon / Cotton Twill Marine Corps Working Uniform -
Marpat Woodland and Marpat Desert
NCTRF PD 16-06A 50/50 Nylon / Cotton Twill Navy Working Uniform - Navy Digital Pattern
NCTRF PD 05-11 50/50 Nylon / Cotton Ripstop Navy Working Uniform - NWU II & NWU III
GL PD-15-04A & 05A 57/43 HT Nylon / Cotton Extreme Ripstop Extreme Hot Weather OCP Scorpion
REFERENCE GL PD 15-04A 57/43 HT Nylon / Cotton Extreme Twill Marine Corps
PD YACL 05-1 50/50 Nylon / Cotton Ripstop & Twill Air Force Digital Tigerstripe